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Discover and reach the world without spam on nostr's biggest paid relay and gain access to our filter/broadcast relay.

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Leading the way with innovative features

We're focused on performance and reliability first but functionality follows closely behind. Try the latest features ahead of the crowd!

Expand your reach, protect your privacy

You don't have to sacrifice your reach to protect your privacy. We use authentication to prevent snoops from seeing who you're direct messaging and when. Only the recipient or author can retrieve kind 4/1059 events on our relay.

High speed regional mirrors

No more waiting for your notes to appear. With fully replicated regional mirrors in the United States, Finland, Singapore, and Japan you'll never be too far from one of our note slingin' machines.

Full-text search

Find that note you were looking for through our relay (via NIP-50), with our Search API, or on the web through Kibana.